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Buy Damro Tea Bags Online

Handpicked by our passionate team, Damro Tea’s line of products are the pinnacle of everything we believe this globally loved brew should be. Derived from our very own plantations in lush areas of Sri Lanka, every leaf comes from a collection of elevated growing gardens where the end product is a fresh, high-quality tea bag.

Considered one the best Ceylon teas of its time, our range of infusions and varieties give tasters a glimpse into the world of tea drinking at its very finest.

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Discover the many benefits of Damro tea bags

Like many other types on the market, Damro’s Ceylon tea is a popular type of black leaf that grows in Sri Lanka’s perfect conditions. Experience a full flavour that reflects this type’s reputation of being one of the best Ceylon teas to drink – whether as an afternoon delight or as one of many cups for the day.

While the culture around this beverage continues to evolve, every region in the world has its own preference. Offering flavourful and robust profiles, Ceylon tea gives a full-bodied taste that continues to be enjoyed the world over.

Meanwhile, each product can also vary in taste from one plantation to another, which is another reason we believe our product range is a truly unique take on this hugely popular drink.

What makes our Ceylon tea one of the best in the world?


Sri Lanka is known to be one of the most ideal places on earth for cultivating tea, and that’s exactly why we source our single-estate products from successful plantations throughout the Ceylon region. With its perfect climate, soil and immaculate environment for tea production, it continues to help us produce the stunning selection that we deliver worldwide.

With practices dating back more to 1824, this native treasure globally, with it now advancing to other areas of the world. Today, more than 300 million kilograms of tea is produced in Sri Lanka – something we are proud to demonstrate in our very own range.


Experience 100% pure Ceylon tea

Damro offers fine, single-origin tea bags online, paying tribute to the ethically produced range that we are known for today. Manufactured according to traditional methods, we keep the quality and freshness of each leaf we work with, creating a pure and genuine take on Ceylon tea.

High in antioxidants and packed with flavour, our creations are the epitome of classical teas in all their glory. With no toxic substances and plenty of health benefits to enjoy, Damro tea bags make a great addition to all lifestyles, with all the vitamins, minerals, and other health advantages that come with drinking tea.


From the delicate aroma to the exotic taste, there’s nothing quite like our collection. Our products are available online now for you to snatch up and enjoy in your own home.


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